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My idol group don’t hold overseas concerts, but when they do, they are on the news.

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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, everyone.

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after you’ve been through like a string of fandoms and you’ve decided your favourite character/s for each one, there will come a day when you will list all your faves from each fandom side by side and look at them carefully and realise

you have a type

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Sailor Moon Beanie


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Today we’re with Kpop’s representative group Super Junior’s member that debuted in 2005, Heechul, who has unique character and perspective to talk about the entertainment industry the past 10 years, especially the change in idols.

Q: 10 years of debut yet Super Junior still got 1st place for 7jib comeback track mamacita, I guess this is the charm of being a singer.

Heechul: Although it’s not the right way to put it, but now it’s not a fuss to get positions, there’s a certain calmness. Of course I’m still very happy over the 1st place that fans gave. It is because of loving this singing career that let us make it to the 10th year without changing.

Heechul: I think this industry is like a family. This mindset is stronger when you see Shinhwa, G.O.D sunbaes. Managers we got to know 10 years ago have now become leaders and are more openminded, because we’re all like family. A pity is that there isn’t much opportunities to mix with hoobaes now like the past.

Q: The change in not having relations with hoobaes is one of the changes in the last 10 years?

Heechul: To put it nicely, there are less opportunities for seniors and juniors to interact now, although hoobaes are very polite and always greet us. Maybe it’s because there’s too many idols now, so promotion activities are very short. After Dream Concert in the 90s end, I heard that those sunbaes and hoobaes will all take a bus and go out and play together.

Heechul: Now there’s no such thing. 10 years ago, there were many programmes like Xman for rookies to appear on, so during breaks juniors and seniors will build up deep friendship, a pity now there’s much lesser of such shows, so idol singers have little chance to mingle. Companies, esp female idol ones, are afraid of scandals so they don’t allow too much closeness.

Q: In these 10 years there is the hallyu wave, you deeply experienced it right

Heechul: Overseas fans can personally watch some music shows in their countries, this makes me feel that compared to when I first debuted, hallyu really is much more powerful. But I feel that kpop is already falling from its peak. Many multi-group concerts are held too frequently recently, I think that’s one of the reasons.

Heechul: When I perform overseas i can feel that compared to performing with many groups at concerts, fans prefer to see their favourite groups at their own solo concerts. I think that the way to continue hallyu is to reduce such group concerts and increase solo concerts for groups.

Q: What’s the most memorable song for you throughout your 10 years?

Hee: It’s Psy’s Gangnam Style. Until now, there isn’t a song that can beat this song and i wonder if there will ever be one in the future because the achievements the song got is really amazing and very big. Super Junior-wise, it would be ‘Sorry Sorry’. I think this song that Yoo Youngjin hyung made was a masterpiece. Before ‘Gangnam Style’ showed up, a lot of foreign kpop fans sang and danced to “Sorry Sorry”. Even actor Kim Myungmin hyung called me up when he was overseas and said in a deep voice ‘Heechul-ah, even in here Sorry Sorry is playing’ and it made me happy.

Following Psy hyung’s words, Gangnam Style wasn’t specifically targeted for overseas taste but it’s concept is purely meant to have fun. Sorry Sorry too wasn’t a song made to target the overseas market. In other words, if you just focus on the music itself (if its good), it will eventually reach internationally.

Personally ever since I was young, I’ve always liked rock, rap etc. The so-called ‘rebellious music’. It would be nice to have this genre be more appreciated.

Q: These 10 years, many of idols have been going into acting, you yourself have been in dramas. What do you think?

Heechul: I’m not saying good things as one of them, but production teams only invite idols to get casted when they need them. If they don’t do well they will definitely be eliminated. But in future there will still be demand for idols who can act. This problem can be understood as long as you purely think from the perspective of the market.

Heechul: Here I want to say, sunbaes in the acting industry don’t have bad impression of idol actors. Through Flower Grandpa Investigation Team, I feel that sunbaes are very passionate in assessing idol’s acting, but some comments online have bad impressions, I feel it’s regretful.

Q: 10 years ago, broadcast companies revived charting on music shows after cancelling them, what is your perspective as an idol?

Heechul: There are long term benefits, especially for rookies who dream of getting 1st place as it arouses their passion and goals. But singers who have debuted a while feel that it is opportunity to bring to fans more high level stages.

Q: These 10 years, who do you think is the most prettiest male and female idol?

Heechul: I don’t care about males and pretty males hahaha….. Let’s about pretty girls. I think the most charming idol is WG’s Sohee. Of course I have my own reasons. During bad times in this industry, Sohee told me that “a dry desert is like a patch of green meadow(?)”. But doesn’t mean I want to date her. Just that she was my strength during my hard times.

Q: What was the happiest moment you’ve had throughout your 10 years as a singer?

Heechul: During early 2008 when Super Junior had their first solo concert. Because I was able to understand why my sunbaes(seniors) said “singers should have concerts!” We were able to have fun and play around with our fans with ease. I think our hoobaes (juniors) would be able to realize this too (when they experience it themselves). That concerts are a singer’s flower. It would be nice to see many singers even after 10 years, to spend a fun time with their fans locally and internationally through concerts



[+664, -58] This interview is not bad. You can hear truth in it. As expected,10 years did not pass for nothing.

[+522, -85] DreamCon, HallyuCon, SuperShow I watched all. Super Show is the best. That day, my friends who I brought along all acknowleged it too ㅋㅋㅋ

[+468, -57] Every single thing said is the truth

[+392, -61] Heechul, hope you flourish more!!!! 

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"Fuck yo ambitions"

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even with those four numbers there are countless possible combinations good luck with figuring out which one is the right one you punk

*straightens calculator*

It’s pretty likely that it’s a four digit number, and as there are four digits chosen there, that means that there cannot be any repetition. This mean that there are:

n!/(n-4)! possible orders. As ‘n’ is 4 (number of digits available). 4!/0! which becomes 4x3x2x1/1 which simplifies to 24. That means that there are 24 possible combinations of codes. This would take you about two or three minutes to input all possible codes.

Unless an alarm goes off if you don’t get it right in 3 tries

*straightens calculator again*

Kick the door in

well ‘technically’ the code is most likley 1970. statistically, a majority of people, when told to choose a 4 digit code will choose their birth year. and this key pad is obviously a few years old to put it nicely, thats most likley it.

some sherlock holmes shit just went down over here


No, no, no. Don’t base your deductions of psychology. Let’s talk chemistry. When you first press a button, there’s more of the natural oils on your skin, and therefore it wears down the numbers on the keys faster. Obviously 0 is the first one, then. Try 0791 first.


Sherlock out.


it got better

and this is why the sherlock fandom could either rule the world or end it….

Close, but not quite, I think. People will almost always choose a number they can remember. What’s memorable about 0791? Try 0719 - a birthday, 19th of July. That is more likely.

Those deductions are great and all, but unnecessary.

The light is green.

The door is already open.

And that’s why we have a John Watson.

This is “top 10 favorite posts” level.